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Away with the Fairies

Perhaps I was wrong to state in a previous post that there is no such thing as normal weather, because it seems that right now we are actually experiencing normal weather.  It is cool enough at night to sleep comfortably … Continue reading

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by Tango, age 7 (posted here per his request) I have received hospitality on my bike tour from friends, family, and strangers.  They gave me a place to stay, food, showed us around, and chatted with us.  When my bike … Continue reading

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The Sunshine State

This update is overdue owing to illness.  Tango came down with the flu and generously shared it with me.  Fever, chills, body aches, upper respiratory issues… the works!  We are both once again among the living, and I am attempting … Continue reading

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A number of transitions have taken place in the last few weeks.  We crossed into two more states: Georgia and Florida.  We have witnessed changes in agriculture, foliage, styles of architecture, and even how we are received by the locals.  … Continue reading

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♩ ♬ It’s a World of Laughter, a World of Tears… ♫♪

Weather challenges and an anti-bike culture with corresponding lack of infrastructure made for miserable riding these last few weeks.  We are curious why a route was designated through here at all, assuming that the Adventure Cycling Association’s map gives us … Continue reading

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Two Wheels vs. Four Wheels

*these writing assignments were outlined before the prolonged unseasonable and extreme winter weather set in, so content and conclusions may have been different if drafted even a week later. by Otter, age 9 I have been on a bike tour for … Continue reading

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Who upset Elsa?

The New Year has begun and it is still cold.  Bitterly cold.  Weather terms like bombogenesis, bomb cyclone, or a properly named winter storm get our attention.  In recognition to the severity of the weather descending upon us, we shortened … Continue reading

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