by Tango, age 7 (posted here per his request)

I have received hospitality on my bike tour from friends, family, and strangers.  They gave me a place to stay, food, showed us around, and chatted with us.  When my bike tour is over I will give hospitality to friends, family, and strangers.  I will give them a place to stay, food, share my toys, and hang out with them.  If it is snowing or too cold my mom will drive cyclists.


by Otter, age 9

Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.  We have received hospitality from many people and places.  Warm Showers hosts have taken us in as strangers.  We have received the same generosity from family and friends.  Hotels are different because we have no one to talk to except each other, but the rooms are very clean.

We have stayed with a lot of Warm Showers hosts.  They do a proper introduction, show us around their houses and property, share their toys, space, and bathrooms, and sometimes they feed us.  They hang out with us, and don’t just leave after showing us around, so we get to know them.

When we stay with family or friends they also feed us.  Conversation comes easier because we already know them.   They hang out with us.  They often invite other family and friends to come over and hang out.  Like Warm Showers hosts, they also share toys, their space, sometimes a car, and their time.

We do not know or get to know anyone when we stay at hotels or motels.  Hotels or motels  sometimes welcome us with snacks.  The rooms are small, but very clean.  Many hotels and motels have amenities like pools and breakfast, and some even serve dinner.

I like the hospitality we have received.  In the future, when I am a host I will give people a clean place to stay, give them food, and company.  I hope they feel as welcome and as much comfort as I have.


by Sissy, age 11

People are hospitable when they open their homes and share what they have with other people to help them out or just to be kind.  I have experienced several different forms of hospitality during my life so far.  The places that I most commonly find hospitality are homes of family and friends, homes of Warm Showers hosts, hotels, motels, and AirBNB houses.

My extended family and friends are generally very hospitable.  When we get to their house they show us around and make sure we know where everything is.  They talk with us, which helps us catch up with one another.  They play games with us and sometimes we watch movies.  Those moments can be great times for bonding.  They even sometimes show us around town.  They also almost always make food for us.  They are very generous.

Warm Showers hosts are quite hospitable.  Like our family and friends, they give us tours around their houses and make sure we know where everything we need is.  I do not think we have been to a Warm Showers house yet that they have not hung out with us.  We get to talk with each other and learn about their area.  They occasionally will show us around town.  Sometimes our hosts with make food for us, and I really enjoy when they let me help.  All of them at least let us camp in their yard, but sometimes they will let us sleep in their house.  We always have access to their bathrooms.  Warm Showers hosts are very big-hearted in how they share their time and space with strangers.

Hotels, motels, and AirBNBs have a different way of showing hospitality.  They let us use their rooms or houses.  The spaces are always clean and they usually supply toiletries.  However, we do have to pay for the accommodations.  Hotels and motels generally serve breakfast and Homewood Suites provides dinner on some nights.  That does help relieve some shopping and cooking jobs.  Some hotels and motels have amenities such as laundry machines, pools, and hot tubs that are quite useful for our needs and entertainment.  We find the cookies, chocolates, and water bottles that some hotels give to their guests quite comforting after a long day of riding.   Similarly, some AirBNBs will provide us with treats or snacks upon arrival.  AirBNBs offer more personalized hospitality compared to hotels because they have things such as snow boots and beach cruisers to help you be able to explore the local area.  Hotels, motels, and AirBNBs are very nice.

I have experienced a lot of hospitality in my life so far.  In rooms and houses of family and friends, Warm Showers hosts, hotels, motels, and AirBNBs are where I generally receive the most hospitality.  I will eventually host people too.  When I host I will: show my guest around my house and make sure they know where everything is; I will make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable (toiletries, extra blankets, extra pillows, etc);  I will make sure my house is clean; I will hang out with my guests; and I will make food for them.  I will do my best to make them feel welcome and comfortable as so many have done for me.

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3 Responses to Hospitality

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love this!

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  2. Gwenneth says:

    Wow, great writing! I enjoyed reading everything!

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  3. Chris says:

    Hi, Tango, Otter, and Sissy. I have been reading your family blog since the beginning and finely have been moved to share a thank you response. I must tell you that I have been humored, inspired and challenged by your amazing trip tales. Today as I read the posting I have just finished my preparation for the children’s lesson for Bible Study Fellowship to teach next week. That is my connection to your Mom. We were in the same small group last year. I was struck by all of your shared experiences on hospitality. The lesson that we will share next week tells the story from Luke 10:25-37. You are probably familiar with this story of the man on the road to Jericho who was attacked, hurt, robbed and left alone without help. He was finally helped by a stranger who gave him a drink, washed the blood and dirt off and took him to a inn where he could eat, sleep and get well. The stranger even paid for his care. I hope to remember your wonderful explanation of hospitality. Safe travels, Chris

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