Here We Goat Again

We did not meet or socially engage a single local during our whirlwind 2,500 mile drive to Montana.  Driving may be exponentially faster, but it has far less flavor.

When your husband offers to trim your hair promising to only take off an inch, do not believe him.  Such acts are quickly followed by a nervous, “I really think it looks better this length.”

Apart from wildfires, Montana appears to ALWAYS be beautiful.

On that note, I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening than sitting in a hot tub under the breathtaking Montana night sky.

The transition from unsupported bike touring life to indoor domestic life is far easier and faster than the reverse.

Biking muscles do not directly translate to running muscles, as was evidenced by my ‘flash forward 40 years’ stiff-legged hobble.

Goats are not the troublemakers non-goat farmers make them out to be.

However, the goat style of self-government is very despotic.  Our children are trying to engineer a coup and prop up the much-favored Velvet to replace the authoritarian alpha female, Lizzie.  Sadly, while the bell of dominion remains around Lizzie’s neck, the rest of the herd is not supporting this foreign attempt to depose her.

The West still holds our hearts.

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4 Responses to Here We Goat Again

  1. Linda says:

    I totally agree Melanie. My heart is in the West also!

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  2. Gwenneth says:

    So where’s your picture Mom?

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  3. Keep it going says:

    More great adventures. Don’t trim too much of the goats’ hair, they need a nice winter coat.


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