Three Months In

What do you miss most from our residential life?

Old Man: Date nights.

Me: Refrigeration, specifically cold beverages.

Sissy:  Crafting.

Otter: Making airplanes.

Tango: The house was always the same temperature inside and I miss having more indoor space to play.

Lil’ Mo:  My bed and the toys that are in it.

What do you like most about the bike tour?

Old Man: Exploring nature.

Me:  Meeting new people.

Sissy:  Exploring the state parks.

Otter:  Starting campfires.

Tango: Seeing the wildlife and getting stronger from all the biking.

Lil’ Mo:  I like seeing the wildlife and the flowers, especially milkweeds.

What are you looking forward to next on the bike tour?

Old Man:  The forests of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Me: New scenery.

Sissy: Meeting up with people along the way.

Otter: Another fishing spot.

Tango: Going on a boat ride.

Lil’ Mo:  I’m looking forward to finding rainbow flowers.


Can you guess the footwear?

Extra brownie points for greater specificity in guess (brand or model).  Smiles and goodwill from us for not commenting on the otherwise neglected condition of our feet.

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12 Responses to Three Months In

  1. Will E says:

    Keens. And I won’t comment that donations for pedicures could be a tax write off for y’all . Love the posts and pictures. Fair winds and following seas.

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  2. Craig says:

    Can’t guess at footwear, but 4 really, really healthy feet ! Mt. Everest waits on you.

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  3. Mary Roberts says:

    Three months!?!?! Does it seem like longer? Love the little feet pic 🙂

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    • melewatson says:

      Thanks! It feels fast when we look back on the ground we have covered and the various weather we have experienced already, but long enough that we are comfortable in this way of life and it will definitely take some adjusting back to a normal daily life when it is over.


  4. Brian Squire says:

    I know they’re Keen’s. But Uniroyal Tiger Paw is nore appropriate.

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  5. Brian Squire says:

    I’d also take crafting over a cold beverage any day of the week.

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  6. Deborah Kerr says:

    Deginitely Tevo Sandals or Berkenstocks … or another sport Sandal that I can’t think of name. I’m going to research this one❣️

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  7. Deborah Kerr says:

    Sorry for typos ..? I’m just so excited to hear from you!!!

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  8. Gwenneth says:

    You are touching so many lives dear family! Keep up the great work and keep on bloggin’…

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  9. Ireta says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog. My husband and I met you at a rest stop on the Central Lake Trail near Evansville, MN. Your wife and kids were enjoying the parade. Keep on pedaling. We’ll be praying for God’s protection.

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