Pros and Cons of Bike Touring

by Sissy, 10 years old

Bike touring is traveling a long distance on bikes.  Usually, you learn about the place you’re touring in slowly and get a better understanding of what the place is like.  Bike touring also helps you understand the people around you better.  There are advantages and disadvantages to bike touring.

The good things I’ve noticed are that you can enjoy the scenery without whizzing past it like you would in a car.  You can see all sorts of birds, animals, and plants when you’re on a bike and you can better understand their behaviors and habits too.  My brothers and I like to fish when the opportunity is available.  You can meet lots of new and friendly people on a bike tour.  Some may help you more than you think!

Bad things also happen on bike tours.  Since you are outdoors all the time you are exposed to biting insects.  Bug bites aren’t very fun to have.  They’re itchy and annoying.  Sicknesses are not nice either; you can’t do very much and you don’t really have a comfy place to lay down.  When you bike for a long time in one position you can get aches and pains.  One thing that’s funny, but still a bad thing, is not to have enough toilet paper.  It’s one thing you really need.  Privacy is something you’ll figure out that you really want, but rarely get on a bike tour.  It’s not nice to know that someone could be looking at you while you’re getting dressed or going to the bathroom.

Thankfully, most of the time on a bike tour you have more good things happen to you than bad things.  So most of the time you can enjoy your bike tour with no worries.


The view along our hike up to Lewis and Clark Caverns.  *Milestone moment: Lil’ Mo  hiked the 4.5 mile trail (with over a 1,000 foot climb) by herself, and didn’t even ask to be carried once!

The older three kids were mesmerized once inside.  Tango came up to me with a giddy smile and said, “This was worth it!”  Seeking clarification, I asked if it was worth the effort of the hike or the expense of admission. “Both!” Inside the caverns:

Look at that BIG sky ahead of us!

At Missouri Headwaters State Park (a little more Lewis and Clark history): the confluence of the Gallatin and Jefferson-Madison Rivers

Attempting to skip stones at the confluence of the Jefferson and Madison Rivers.

The tipi was fun and novel for a night.  However, it confirmed our reasons for having two separate tents as our standard set up.

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9 Responses to Pros and Cons of Bike Touring

  1. Gwenneth says:

    Thanks for the new post. There’s another writer in the family!!! Great job Sissy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Keep it going says:

    Bravo. Brilliant. 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ms says:

    Love that sweet girl and her insights!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Craig Smythe says:

    Hello amazing Watsons,

    Herewith the info re Amazon, will email Muir’s, The Horses from IN, cant find same on laptop. Hope of course and know you are on safe path, Nate forgot to mention one other security issue described as such. Using a common spray therefore squirt bottle filled with ammonia and somehow held on bike frame, maybe in cup holder like on car dash, there is no aggressive mammal out there that waits on more ammonia if it comes. Dogs in particular. Just a thought.

    Turbo and Blu have taken up residence on porch of Scott Cottage, Turbo in particular looking convinced that Watson et al will soon return. I know not to waste my breath. Amelia and Imogene, onion sprouts have germinated, something bout a green thumb as quoted. Rowen and Truett no immediate evidence of your presence here but some will soon show. Much desire to share this with you. In conversation with dear sweet friend Opie, she asked after recent days spent. I of course described my meeting Watson’s some detail about you all. She was silent for few seconds, unusual for her, then said, ‘Craig we are still fairly new to one another but if another event such as the Watson saga happens, please DONT tell me of it. I am green with envy and will be for some time that I was not with you’.

    Otherwise my obviously privileged life continues, going to Upper Canyon tomorrow to move cattle from winter pasture to summer. The privilege of meeting you and being able to spend a little time with you will remain a highlight of that life.

    Best, Craig

    From Buddha : We are all born again each day, what counts is what we do for each other.
    P.S. Woke this morning to a truly magical sound, sandhill cranes calling out their arrival, they then have arrived to spend summer in paradise, just another example of God’s amazing creativity, just wish you could have been here to part of this.

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    • melewatson says:

      Hi Craig!
      The girls are delighted to know the onions are sprouting. We are sad to have missed the cranes’ arrival. Hard to believe that the Ruby Valley was missing anything or could be more beautiful than when we saw it!
      All of us continue to reflect with gratitude on our time spent with you. Your timing was perfect and your thoughtfulness and generosity were the antidotes we needed for our compromised bike and related uncertainty. Thank you!
      Continue to enjoy beautiful Montana!
      With full hearts,
      the Watsons


  5. michelle says:

    In good times and in challenging times, we are so proud of you.
    Wonderful to hear Sissy’s thoughts on travel so far. Looking forward to more voices in the future!
    Ride on, friends.
    With love from Teacher Michelle, Blake, & Kai


  6. Kim says:

    Enjoy those beautiful skies!


  7. BK says:

    If aggressive mammals, esp dogs are an issue; I second the use of ammonia spray. As a former paperboy, I used a “good” squirt gun (one that does not leak) filled with a 50% ammonia 50% water. There’s a German Shepherd in Phoenix who quickly learned to leave me alone or get a face full of ammonia. On this trip, there may be logistical issues of storing the squirt gun and quart bottle of ammonia….but I can vouch for the efficacy of the idea.


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