Rain, rain, go away, come again another day (preferably after we’ve already left)

Our first day was awesome, and it’s been up and down since then. Day 2 ended dramatically, with me experiencing my first (and hopefully last) bonk. I was sweating profusely, couldn’t stop shaking, and was light-headed when upright for over an hour afterward. We pushed ourselves over 40 miles that day, the weather was worse than forecast (April Fools on us, I guess), and my bike-mates were disinclined most of the day. One of the objectives of this tour is to realize the necessity of everyone’s contribution for the family’s success and the suffering that ensues when just one or two of us doesn’t play our part. I would have preferred a less extreme teachable moment, but Team Eleanor’s performance since has been much improved. (side note: the color of my tandem is New Teal– so a FDR themed name was in order; to continue the theme in a Wheel of Fortune ‘before and after’ style we named the blue/purple tandem Frank– to go with Eleanor and because the bike fitter referred to it as a Frankenstein bike)

We have stayed in hotels each night, with the exception of one night camping. That location had a great view of Mt. St. Helen’s and was largely vacant since it just opened for the season on April 1st.

The route between Seattle and Portland is not well supplied with campgrounds and even fewer are open yet for the season, so we have had little choice. We have all enjoyed the comforts of the hotels, but the boys were especially delighted to finally get an opportunity to attend to their whittling.  Otter is working on a boat and Tango is working on spearheads for primitive fishing (should the need arise).

Overnight, the Littles were struck with a stomach bug and  a wet sleeping bag, so the need to do laundry became acute (and is currently in progress).

The weather had been on an upswing since Day 2 until yesterday afternoon, so we maximized our distance during that time. We rode against a decent headwind for over 30 miles yesterday, ultimately into a seeming monsoon that has not yet stopped dumping water and isn’t forecast to reduce until 11:00 tomorrow morning when we will be on the move again.  Sadly, the National Weather Service just issued a Special Weather Statement forecasting rain and winds out of the south (read: headwind) at 25-35 mph, so we may be grounded again. We’ve gotten stronger in these few days of hauling, but not that strong. We will see…

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9 Responses to Rain, rain, go away, come again another day (preferably after we’ve already left)

  1. Thanks for the update! Sending love and prayers for the days ahead. You are AMAZING.



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  2. Tim says:

    Wow, that is a lot of miles. Hope you didn’t get hurt with the bonk.. Safe travels.

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  3. Courteney says:

    Wish I could somehow drive or jog alongside holding some elaborate tarping/wind-blocking contraption… The sentiment is there. Thanks for the update! Thinking of you all as you sally forth!

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  4. Will says:

    Thanks for the update and photos…. I find myself waiting with expectation for the next update…. Love it. Stay strong, fair winds and following seas and all that. Whittling 👍

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  5. Rebecca Ifland says:

    We love you guys! You’re incredible! The rain made *me* grumpy today, and I got to stay under a roof.

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  6. michelle says:

    Bless you! We have been eagerly awaiting updates. Whittling! Bike names!
    Here’s to fair winds, fair weather, and good health. We miss Imogen at school.
    If only the umbrellas the kids are creating (‘U’ week, naturally) could be of use to you.

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  7. Gwenneth says:

    Thanks for the update!!! Blessings and laughter as you travel!!!

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  8. It’s been great hearing about your progress! Even with the problems, it sounds like you guys are hanging in and having some adventures. I hope the rain stops. Stay strong!

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  9. Leah Stephen says:

    Love the update!! But the Bonk sounds scary… You are really pushing yourself! Be careful and stay safe. Our prayers and well-wishes go with you! And I love seeing the kids whittling. If Amelia makes a horse or a dolphin, can you post a picture of it?! 😀 You guys are just so amazing! Love you!!

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