Into the urban, gray yonder…

We departed Seattle today with full hearts.  So many people have gone to great thought and energy to love on us during these last few weeks of transition.  They welcomed us into their homes, fed us, prayed for us, helped us celebrate a birthday and a graduation amid our chaotic circumstance, gave us thoughtful cards, scripture, and gifts, and patiently rallied this morning for a continually delayed launch.  Our hearts are touched and simultaneously melancholy to leave such loving people.

Even Seattle rallied for us.  This year’s never-ending winter rain and drear broke.  The kids and I were gifted sunny skies yesterday for our farewell tour of downtown and we were given pleasantly crisp and DRY weather for today’s commute through the city.  The prolonged winter has delayed the blossoming of the cherry trees until now, which made for postcard-worthy scenery as we rode along Lake Washington.   Mount Rainier peaked out during our picnic lunch at Seward Park to enhance our view across the water.  Such great visuals to have as our last memories of this city!

In addition, the Seattle freeze thawed today. A standout act of kindness came early on as a guy ran out of his shop to pass off a decadent cake pop baton-style to the Old Man while we were riding down the street.  (The kids and I are entertaining the idea of circling back tomorrow to see if we can get more, like trick-or-treating at the houses with full-size candy bars…. Kidding!)  People graciously waited behind us on our slow ascents uphill or through intersections.  Other people shared kind words of support or encouragement.

We logged 27 miles today and fared far better than I expected on our first day hauling a full load.  I think a lot of our success can be credited to all of the support we have received leading up to this day.  Of course, our butts are sore and our legs are on fire, but that’s the name of the game right now.

We feel blessed and loved.  What more could we ask for?  God is good.


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9 Responses to Into the urban, gray yonder…

  1. Karen Morse says:

    What a beautiful first day! We thought of you this morning starting out on your trip….Anna said it was still cold. I kind of wished I was biking with you!

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  2. Eileen Faken says:

    So happy you’re off to such a good start. God bless you all!

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  3. Will E says:

    Living vicariously through you -inspirational!!

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  4. Gwenneth says:

    It is our hope and prayer that each Watson would see something beautiful or wonderful each day on the road. Gwen + Bob

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  5. Courteney says:

    Cake pops even? You all inspire fun!

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  6. Jennifer says:

    So happy the first day was a beautiful one!
    I walked by your house the past 2 evenings with the dogs……it’s so dark and lonely looking in there. I admire you all so much and so looking forward to hearing (or reading) about your adventures.

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  7. Leah Stephen says:

    You guys are an inspiration! Praying for you and for a safe and beautiful journey. I’m looking forward to following in your adventures through the blog! Travis and I were just talking about your trip this weekend. I was saying that they will probably turn your adventures into a movie!! Travis wants Gabriel Iglesias to play him. LOL! 😉

    Sending love your way!!

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  8. Lisa Toner says:

    Here’s to many more fun miles and serendipitous encounters with kind people!

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  9. Patti Knight says:

    Sounds like a successful launching. You are amazing. May God go with you and bless you all on this journey!


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