Epilogue or prologue?

It’s been a big week.  We are closing the final chapter of our current life and transitioning into the new one.  The Old Man is now a doctor (non-medical), our youngest is now four, our house is empty, we’ve begun saying our good-byes to friends, and our van belongs to a new family.

Nerves are fried and coping skills are diminished across all six of us.  Sadly, I am probably the worst offender on both fronts.  And even sadder, it is me, the one who insisted we define our objectives for this adventure, who is struggling with the loss of our creature comforts in the midst of this transition.  If only a snuggie or cozy sweatshirt wouldn’t take up so much volume in a pannier….

Spring is seemingly trying to finally break through, but not fast enough for our needs (or my personal comfort– reference the earlier voiced desire for a snuggie), so we will be rerouting through Portland to avoid the snow-packed trails when we launch on Friday.  We will trade the first mountain climb for the renowned headwinds of the Columbia Gorge.

Now on to another last of this volume of life: our final date night for the foreseeable future.

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11 Responses to Epilogue or prologue?

  1. Mary L Woloszyn says:

    Best wishes


  2. Torrey Edwards says:

    I’m still just in such awe of you all and your adventure! Can’t wait to get updates on your journey, and continually be motivated to make brave, if much smaller, changes in our life.


  3. Rebecca Ifland says:

    Your family is incredible! I’m glad you’re getting a date night. 💜


  4. Eileen Faken says:

    Vaya con Dios❤💞💕


  5. will says:

    You continue to inspire me and so very happy for the family’s adventure. Blog often


  6. Patti Knight says:

    Have a safe trip praying for you all
    To have joy and peace and see how God will provide 😘


  7. Have a wonderful trip prayers for peace joy and Circumstances where God will direct and lead you 😘


  8. Mary Mims says:


    Do you know what time tomorrow??

    Tell DR. Watson, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!



  9. Lisa Toner says:

    I’ll miss you guys! Launching an extended bike trip is incredibly stressful, especially when combined with a major life transition. But once you start pedaling and get away from all the noise, you’ll enter into a different mindset. That simplicity is our favorite memory of both big tours we did. By the way – you inspired us! We are going to do a mellow tour this June when school gets out as long as my neck keeps behaving. 🙂


  10. Ted says:

    Congratulations. I envy you (and I don’t…). Good on you all for making this happen! I do hope updates are available periodically during this trek. This is the stuff of which lifetime memories are made; good ones, that is!


  11. Gwenneth says:

    You are amazing and such an inspiration! God bless you all!!! The countdown is on…


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